What a Complete Car Detail Includes

Car detailing is absolutely essential when you want your vehicle to look and feel pristine even after you’ve used it for a while. It’s much more thorough of a process than an average car wash and it requires skilled professionals to carry it out by hand. But just what does car detailing entail? Discover what a complete car detail includes with these points.

Paint Maintenance

A large part of car detailing is attending to your vehicle’s paint job. Typically, detailers will follow four major steps to bring back a satisfying gleam to your car’s body. First, they’ll wash and dry its outer surface to take off any dirt and grime that is clinging to it. Then, they’ll use a clay bar to take care of lingering overspray, pollution residue, and deep-set particles that normal washing won’t remove. After the detailers do this, they’ll polish your car and then finish off by applying a special sealant to protect it and add shine and glossiness.

Wheel, Light, and Trim Care

Besides the main body, detailing also includes caring for other parts of the car’s exterior as well. The wheels, splash guards, and other lower portions can receive a cleaning to take out the dirt that gets stuck in cracks or caked on them. If your headlights and taillights are looking yellow and foggy because of oxidation from UV exposure, detailers can polish them. Trim is usually different in material and color from the rest of the body and will require separate attention too. As with paint, all these car components will get a sealing treatment to protect them against future dirt and damage.

Interior Cleaning

A complete car detail includes interior cleaning in addition to exterior cleaning. This means that detailers will vacuum out debris on your car’s floor and seats. Additionally, they’ll steam clean or shampoo the floor mats and seats when they’re made of fabric. For leather interiors, they can apply soaps, conditioners, and cleaning products designed for this material. Plastic parts and the insides of the windows will also receive attention. Many detailers will spray a pleasant scent in your car after cleaning its interior as well.

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