Let’s face it! Most people can wash a car. But can everyone do it efficiently and effectively?

At its core, a car wash is important to maintain your vehicle’s appearance. However, doing it right means not damaging your car in the process. You want to be able to wash your car without creating scratches, while still having a good time doing it.

So here’s some tools that will protect your vehicle while not having to spend a lot of time:

Tool #1 – Two-Buckets

2 Buckets? Why would you need that?

It’s very simple – you don’t want to mix your dirty water with your clean water. You’ll have one bucket for your soapy water (wash bucket), and another that contains clean rinse water (rinse bucket).

Tool #2 – Grit Guard

A Grit Guard is an insert that is placed into the bottom of your wash and rinse buckets that allows the dirt from your mitt (mentioned later) to sink to the bottom of the bucket, rather than floating in the water. Think of it almost like a grate on a floor.

Tool #3 – Soap

Choosing the correct soap to wash your car with is another critical choice that determines the amount of work that’s needed to wash your car. No one wants a watered-down product, right?

First and foremost, never use dish soap for washing your car! Dish soap contains powerful detergents that will strip any wax protection you may have applied previously. Instead, choose a high-quality, PH-balanced soap that is designed specifically for cleaning painted surfaces.

Tool #4 – Wash Mitt

It is important to consider investing in a quality wash mitt. Particularly, microfiber mitts. These are extra-soft mitts that contain absorbent strands to help lift and trap dirt away, but also keep from scratching your vehicle.

Tool #5 – Drying Towel

Most folks will want to use a cotton bathroom towel to do the job. But fabrics like cotton are typically too aggressive to use on your car’s paint and can also leave behind swirls and scratches. Instead, we recommend using a microfiber drying towel. These provide an extra-soft, super absorbent solution to aid in drying your vehicle.

Just like the wash mitt, they are made to not harm your car’s surface.