Popular Myths About Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is one of the most misunderstood upgrades available for many cars. There have always been different versions of what these coatings can and can’t provide, and this information is always provided by a friend of a friend. There are definitive answers to what this type of shield truly does offer to the vehicles it protects. Here is a closer look at four popular myths about ceramic coatings.

Scratch and Chip Proof

The primary reason many people opt for ceramic coatings for their vehicles is the belief that it will make them scratch and chip-proof. The unfortunate truth is that this myth is simply false. While these coatings do provide a significantly improved level of resistance to scratches and chips, a person out to key your car is still likely to succeed.

More Gloss

While it may appear that a ceramic coating is making your car look more glossy, the truth is actually more complicated. Before application, you should properly wash and clean your vehicle. Only after it’s clean will the ceramic coating be applied, sealing out the smears and blemishes that cause cars to lose their shine.

Only Wash With Water

One of the best things about a ceramic coating is that dirt and debris wash off much easier than without the protection. However, this has led to the belief that you should never use soap on your vehicle, which is simply untrue. When you wash your car, use a high-quality soap and focus on areas with stuck-on road grime and grease.

DIY Project

The final popular myth about ceramic coatings is that they can be applied at home by amateurs. While there are many projects you can (and should) complete in your garage, applying a ceramic coating isn’t one of them. Many of the coatings used in professional shops can cause severe damage, requiring special training to avoid irreparable paint damage during the application process.

This knowledge and expertise is something the team at Owner’s Pride takes great pleasure in providing all of our clients. We offer exterior and interior ceramic coating in Omaha that will help keep your car looking great for years to come.