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Brian Prescott

Brian Prescott

Our Professional Detailers & Trainers

In 2010 Brian got his start in automotive detailing, he saw that the industry was needing to be held to a higher standard of detailing.

With years of training and research he was able to hone his craft to a high level and became known as “The Gloss Father”. In just 10 years he was able to sell his business. Brian, now focuses on training detailing businesses while helping his Owner’s Pride team grow and flourish.


Here’s what dealerships and detailers had to say about our services:

The team is fantastic, the products are top notch, and their service cannot be beat.

Kyle Lorenz

I know if I need something, or need something explained the CDS guys are here like clock work every Thursday.

Charles Cahill

The CDS guys just stepped up and showed us the right way to do everything, and the right products with the right pads to use. And it’s really about the level of quality that we offer here in our shop.

I had gotten some training and stuff before, but it was never as in-depth as the stuff that I got out of CDS. Those guys have a ton of knowledge and it shows.

Detail Manager

They would still stop here every week to see if I needed anything, if they didn’t have it, you know, they offered to overnight it.

Charles Cahill

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