For those that like to maintain a slick looking car, Paint Correction is a great way to keep (or restore) a car’s paint.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is service of leveling the paint (or the clear coat on top of the paint surface) so as to remove scratches and blemishes. You will notice that, if you shine a light on your car’s surface, you can see all the little scratches that can accumulate due to the environment.

How does Paint Correction work?

Correcting the pain of your vehicle is likely going to require getting a service. Auto detailers are the best source for this because they have all the tools (yes, there’s tools) needed to repair your paint. On top of that, it requires a multi-stage process that takes time. Here’s how it looks in its briefest form:

  • Thorough Wash.
  • Decontamination – Usually done with a clay bar, contaminants must be removed so as to not get into the polishing devices and cause more damage.
  • Multi-Stage Polishing – Much like sanding, polishing starts with heavier cutting compounds to finer ones. This is usually done with the use of halogen or LED lights so that a detailer can see the progress.

Once the work is completed, what you should see is a complete reflection off the surface of your vehicle like a mirror. No scratches or blemishes should be visible to the naked eye.

To learn more about how to perform a paint correction, head over to the North American Detail Academy.