Every year, fall falls upon us. And for those of you that have vehicles that are precious to you, it’s important to keep them in good condition.

Winter wreaks havoc on a car, threatening to reduce its life expectancy. This is concerning, especially if you have a classic car.

So here’s a checklist that you can reference every year::

Detail Your Vehicle

A thorough exterior detail, including your tires, will protect your vehicle from the harsh weather. An interior cleaning will keep vermin away (you don’t want to leave anything that a rodent would find appetizing).

Check All Fluids, Oils, and Lubes

It gets dry and brittle during the winter folks. You best be making sure all the oils are fresh and items are lubes so as to not cause breakdown of parts. Fill your gas tank all the way so as to prevent moisture in the tank, and top off that antifreeze as well.


A good automatic battery charger is recommended. Furthermore, if you can bring the battery inside the house over the winter, that’s even better.

Storing Your Car

If you have the resources, store your vehicle indoors. Start by putting a plastic sheet on the floor before you drive your car inside. Why? It will keep moisture from the floor from rising up onto the underside of your vehicle. That said, a good quality cover for your car is key as well. For extra credit, you even might consider buying jack stands to raise your car up. This gives the suspension a rest and prevents your tires from flat-spotting.